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What’s New in the National Cancer Survivors Day Merchandise Catalog?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

When cancer survivors leave your Survivors Day celebration, give them something to remember it by with official National Cancer Survivors Day souvenirs and merchandise – on sale now in the NCSD Merchandise Catalog.

From tote bags to coffee mugs to commemorative buttons and keepsakes, the NCSD Merchandise Catalog has a variety of products that cancer survivors will love. The catalog also features custom banners, pom poms, and balloons to help you set the stage for your Survivors Day event.

Here’s What’s New in the 2014 NCSD Merchandise Catalog

In addition to perennial favorites like NCSD-logo hand fans and 22 oz. stadium cups, the 2014 Merchandise Catalog offers several new items that are sure to be a hit with Survivors Day event participants.

• Pom Pom  Get the crowd cheering with handheld pom poms in the official colors of National Cancer Survivors Day: red, blue, and white.  

2014 hat• Hat  Protect your head in style with this khaki hat featuring a multicolored logo embroidered on the front

• Jar Gripper  Our red textured rubber grippers are a handy solution for opening jars and lids. Great for survivors with peripheral neuropathy.

Disposable Poncho  Be prepared for rainy weather with royal blue rain ponchos featuring the National Cancer Survivors Day logo.

Hand Sanitizer Spray  Pocket-sized hand sanitizer spray can help keep germs at bay when soap and water isn’t readily available.

• USB Car Power Adapter  This versatile car power adapter charges USB devices using your car’s battery.

The NCSD 2014 T-Shirt Is Here!

2014 t-shirtThe most popular item in the 2014 NCSD Merchandise Catalog is the official NCSD 2014 t-shirt. This year's t-shirt prominently features the Foundation’s trademark survivor celebrating life, a symbol of triumph for the millions of people living with and beyond cancer. Made with 100% cotton, NCSD t-shirts are available in sizes small to XXXL. Order t-shirts for all your guests to wear on National Cancer Survivors Day and beyond.

The deadline to order National Cancer Survivors Day merchandise is April 1. Click here to view the Official NCSD Merchandise Catalog. Get your orders in quick; April will be here before you know it.

What items would you like to have for your National Cancer Survivors Day event?

Merchandise is available to NCSD event coordinators who have registered their local Survivors Day event with the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation. There is no cost or obligation to register. Visit for more information.