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3 New Theme Ideas for National Cancer Survivors Day

Thursday, March 24, 2016

On Sunday, June 5, 2016, tens of thousands of people in hundreds of communities around the world will gather to celebrate life after cancer. As you start planning your own community’s celebration, you may want to think about giving your National Cancer Survivors Day® event a theme.

Many NCSD event coordinators choose to customize their Celebration of Life by giving it a unique theme each year. And while you certainly don’t need a theme in order to celebrate life after cancer, planning your event around a central theme can help get people excited about your National Cancer Survivors Day® celebration.

If you’re still tossing around theme ideas for your NCSD 2016 event, here are 3 creative new event themes for you to consider:

1. Enjoy the Ride

Let your guests trade in the roller coaster of cancer treatment for an actual roller coaster ride by holding your event at a local amusement park or water park. Celebrating life at a fun locale is a surefire way to provide lasting memories for everyone. It’s an especially great option for adolescent, young adult, and childhood cancer survivors.

2. Cancer Survivors Parade

How better to mark a special day than with a parade? Whether marching down Main Street or around a local racetrack, holding a National Cancer Survivors Day® Parade provides the perfect opportunity to involve your community in honoring local cancer survivors, as well as bring much-needed attention to cancer survivorship issues. Enlist a local high school or university marching band to play along your parade route. Spotlight cancer survivors by having them wear official National Cancer Survivors Day® t-shirts and carry flags or banners in the parade.

3. Survivor

Survivor is one of the most popular TV shows in the world. Why not host a Survivor-themed NCSD event? Decorate your venue to look like an island – tiki torches, coconuts, inflatable palm trees, a bonfire. You can even have guests form teams to compete in Survivor-style games. Scavenger hunts, relay races, obstacle courses, limbo, and hula hoop contests are all great options that are sure to bring the fun.

Want more inspired theme ideas for National Cancer Survivors Day® 2016? Check out our Event Themes page.