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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: NCSD Foundation Urges Local Communities to Hold National Cancer Survivors Day Celebrations

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Event registration is now open for National Cancer Survivors Day® 2015, to be held on June 7. This unique celebration will mark the 28th annual National Cancer Survivors Day®. Thousands of people in hundreds of communities across the globe will hold celebrations on this day to honor cancer survivors, to bring attention to the ongoing challenges of cancer survivorship, and to show the world that life after a cancer diagnosis can be fruitful, rewarding, and inspiring.

2015 NCSD logoThe National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation encourages anyone who would like to host an NCSD event in their local community to register their event with the Foundation by April 1, 2015. There is no cost or obligation to register, but event coordinators must register their event each year in order to use the copyrighted National Cancer Survivors Day® name and logo. To register, visit and fill out the online registration form.

The nonprofit National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation provides free guidance, education, and support to hundreds of hospitals, support groups, and other cancer-related organizations that host National Cancer Survivors Day® events in their communities. The Foundation’s primary mission is to bring awareness to the issues of cancer survivorship in order to better the quality of life for cancer survivors.

National Cancer Survivors Day® is an annual worldwide Celebration of Life that is held each year on the first Sunday in June. It is the one day each year that people around the world join together to honor everyone who is living with a history of cancer. “A ‘survivor’ is anyone living with a history of cancer – from the moment of diagnosis through the remainder of life,” according to the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation, administrator for the celebration.

Major advances in cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment have resulted in longer survival. However, a cancer diagnosis can leave a host of problems in its wake. Physical, financial, and emotional hardships often persist for years after diagnosis and treatment. Survivors are confronted with limited access to cancer specialists and promising new treatments, inadequate health insurance, financial hardships, difficulty finding employment, psychosocial struggles, and a lack of understanding from family and friends. Despite these difficulties, cancer survivors can live active, productive, inspiring lives.

National Cancer Survivors Day® is a time to bring attention to these ongoing challenges faced by cancer survivors. To improve cancer survivors’ quality of life, more resources, research, and survivor-friendly legislation are needed. The National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation, along with its supporters, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Coping® with Cancer magazine, Genentech, Seattle Genetics, Takeda Oncology, and Teva Oncology, is encouraging a greater commitment to resolving the issues of cancer survivorship.

“To say that cancer is challenging is an understatement,” says NCSD spokesperson Laura Shipp. “But it is a challenge that millions of people – more than 14 million in the U.S. alone – are overcoming. The NCSD Foundation hopes that through National Cancer Survivors Day®, we can not only bring awareness to the issues survivors face but also honor for their courage and strength all those who are living with a history of cancer.”

Anyone can host a National Cancer Survivors Day® celebration in their local community. All you have to do is register your event with the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation at

By registering their local NCSD event with the Foundation, NCSD event coordinators will gain access to many valuable resources, including the following: