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A Message from the National Cancer Institute

Sunday, June 2, 2019
Dr. Douglas LowyWelcome to the 32nd annual National Cancer Survivors Day®. Today and every day, NCI honors your determination and courage as we strive to help ore and more people survive – and thrive – beyond cancer.

This is an especially hopeful time in cancer research, given upward trends in survival rates, declining cancer death rates, increasing industry investment, and pomising new drugs emerging at a staggering pace.

The progress we are seeing is tremendous and encouraging. Yet, I am keenly aware of how much remains to be done. We have made significant advances against some cancers, but it can be extremely discouraging for those patients who have not benefitted from our advances.

Pediatric cancers have been especially challenging. NCI is developing a new national initiative that includes the creation of an aggregated data resource for childhood cancer. Better and faster sharing of data has the potential to change the course of cancer in all children and minimize the long-term health issues survivors of pediatric cancers experience.

Cancer research is an enterprise that is much larger than any of us individually. Our collaboration with survivors in the research journey is of paramount importance. Your willingness to participate in clinical trials, your input in studies designed to improve oncology care and quality of life, your collective voice in raising awareness and advocating for greater resources – all of this drives progress. I deeply appreciate the dedication and passion you demonstrate. Together we can and will do more to reach our shared goal of helping people live longer healthier lives.

Douglas R. Lowy M.D.
Acting Director, National Cancer Institute