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10 Tips for Taking Unforgettable Survivors Day Event Photos

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Capturing the Moment
How to take great photos of those unforgettable moments from National Cancer Survivors Day®

National Cancer Survivors Day® 2017 will be filled with special moments everyone will want to remember – and you’ll want to be sure you capture.

Hiring a professional photographer (or finding one who will donate their services) for your NCSD event is one way to make sure you get some great shots of your Celebration of Life. But you don’t have to be a pro, or have a fancy camera, to take good photos.

boy framing a picture

Here are some tips to help you capture those memorable NCSD moments:

  1. Tell a story. The best event photos will tell the story of your celebration from start to finish. Taking photos of key moments will help build a narrative of your event.
  2. Make a plan. Before your event begins, think about what shots you want to take. For example, a wide shot of the crowd, a close-up of your speaker, survivors crossing a finish line. You may even want to make a list.
  3. Embrace the candid. Candid shots of people caught up in the moment capture the spirit of the event much better than posed photos in front of the same background over and over again. If you know a special moment is about to happen, take a minute to prepare yourself beforehand so you can be sure to get the ideal shot.
  4. Capture the action. A photo will always be still, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be lively. Pictures of people doing something – laughing, dancing, giving hugs, lighting a candle – are much more interesting than photos of people sitting still or posing unnaturally.
  5. And the interaction. Photos with two or three people often work best. Survivors Day is about bringing cancer survivors together to celebrate life, so be sure to capture those special bonding moments.
  6. Get close. To get the best shot, you really do have to get close to the action.
  7. Hang around. When people see that you’re photographing them, they tend to pose or put on a fake smile. But if you keep your lens on them just a bit longer, you’re more likely to get a natural reaction.
  8. Be aware of backgrounds. A poorly placed garbage can or half-eaten plate of food can ruin an otherwise good photo.
  9. Use your camera’s burst function. Sometimes the unexpected reaction shots end up being better than those taken of the main action.
  10. Be selective. With digital cameras, it’s easy to take hundreds of photos at one event. But that doesn’t mean you should post them all. Spend some time after the event picking out the best ones to share. And make sure you send them to Coping magazine!

Your NCSD photos could be featured in Coping magazine

Once again, Coping with Cancer magazine is featuring National Cancer Survivors Day® in its July/August issue. And your photos could be included – maybe even on the cover.

If you’re hosting an NCSD event this year, send the best digital photos of your event to by June 12 to be considered for its official coverage of National Cancer Survivors Day® 2017. Check out their flyer with everything you need to know about how to submit your photos. And make sure to include all the requested information.